One the biggest investment that you make for your property is your roof. It’s also your first defense line to keep you protected against extreme elements and weather conditions. It doesn’t matter how tough and strong your roofing system is, it’ll still be damaged after a huge storm comes. 

After your roof has sustained damages after a huge storm, make sure to deal with this issue as soon as possible. As a property owner, you might be overwhelmed with everything that’s happened and do the things that you must never do. For you to know these things, check out the items below as we list some of the dos and don’ts that you should take note of during post-storm roofing. 

DO document the damage 

After the passing storm, immediately go outside your house and take pictures of all the damages that your roof has encountered. You should also write it down on your notes or just a piece of paper. These things can serve as your proof once you decide to file your insurance claim. 

DO NOT climb on your damaged roof 

Make sure to refrain from checking and going up on your roof to see if you can repair it by yourself. This is especially true when you have a sagging or damaged roof. Doing so can be very risky. So, you should leave such a risky task to the experts. 

DO take the needed steps that can minimize storm damage 

If your roof has holes, ensure to cover them with a tarp. This will help you keep the things in your home from being wet. Remember that your insurance policy just covers storm damage and won’t be covering the damages done after being neglected by the property owner. 

But, make sure not to attempt fixing the leaks. It doesn’t matter how tiny the holes might look. You have to leave the job to the experts. 

DO NOT delay the repairs 

If you neglect any roof damage caused by the storm, it’ll eventually end up being worse. It could also lead to more expensive and extensive restoration or repair work. If you want to keep the structure of your property and avoid expensive repair jobs, make sure to employ one of your trusted?roofing companies?immediately. 

DO hire professional roofing contractors to check your roof 

Always keep in mind that missing the warning signs of water damage is easy. Due to that, hiring a professional roofing contractor to check your roof ASAP is a must. Make sure to hire a skilled one who can do a post-storm assessment well. An expert roofer will know what to look for. After determining the damages, they’ll be able to formulate and perform the needed steps that can address them. 

These are only some of the dos and don’ts of your roof that you should always remember post-storm. If you have more questions regarding this topic, you may contact our expert roofers today or you may visit our official page from time to time.